Not taking care of the house of a man who wants to have an affair with me/husband hit by car

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Not taking care of the house of a man who wants to have an affair with me/husband hit by car

Post by redeeminglove on Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:24 am

Can anybody offer me some insight to my dream? I feel extremely nervous!

I had a dream that I was down the street from my old elementary school. There was a man whose house I was supposed to take care of. I had slacked and his house was a mess when he returned. He wanted to have an affair with me, and although I was tempted, I refused. He moved away with his girlfriend. I went back to my husband.

Next thing I know, I am with my husband and we are walking side-by-side down a street. A car comes up from behind us and hits my husband. My husband was no longer in the scene; I did not see any injuries or the aftermath of him being hit by a car. He just disappeared. I did not believe my husband was dead. The next thing I know, the man who wanted to have an affair was back and I knew my husband was dead.

Does anybody know if this is a literal or symbolic dream? I am pregnant and have been told by Christian women who have had children that this dream along with other bad dreams are due to pregnancy and my mind recognizing how much I need my husband to be able to have and effectively be able to protect this baby... but the idea of my hubby dying makes me really uneasy.

Thank you

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