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Dream # 1:
I was so excited and said, “I’m going to have a baby boy”!

Dream #2:
I was in the house I was born in. There were two males in the house & they were going to bring Tony Baker (someone I know in the natural) something I had for him -a small stuffed animal (monkey) and something else, but I don’t remember what. I was writing a note to Tony telling him about these two items. When the two males left, I realized I forgot to give them the monkey and the other thing. I wanted to catch them before the left, but I couldn’t find the monkey. I called out to my mother (who is with the Lord now) if she knew where the monkey was, and she said it was on the desk where it had been. I got the monkey and went to the front door hoping they hadn’t left yet. I looked toward my neighbor’s driveway, where they had been parked, but they were gone.

Dream #3
My (spiritual) husband & I went into a restaurant for dinner. There were two dining areas; and as we entered the first area I could see all the tables were occupied, so we proceeded to the second room, but all the tables were occupied, as well. I said (or thought) there is no table available. At that point, the owner came up to us and brought us back to the first dining area and put two small tables together for us.

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