Looking for people who were sewed into the foundation.

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Looking for people who were sewed into the foundation.

Post by steadygaze on Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:43 am


I had a group of people who were working with me helping me find people who had died that had been apart of the fabric of the foundation of the state and or city, or America. The people working with me helped me research the places we went to. They would come to me with names and what they did to change either the state, city or nation. One guy came in with a ladies name and that was not what I was looking for because the lady was a prostitute. Then someone on my team came to me and said,here is a guy and they read me his story and I said,"So and so is what I am looking for get more information on him."

HA HA! I knew his name but when I woke I did not. Interesting.
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