Van changing into a Mercedes

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Van changing into a Mercedes

Post by Destine on Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:04 am

I'm home with my family watching Christmas movies. After it's over, my sister and I go outside to wash our car; I start to clean the roof of our van, the car changes to a
Mercedes(my mom has been praying for one) my sister and I both ask each other,
"How did this happen?" I put my sponge down so I can tell my mom what happened.
When I get inside the house, I tell her "Mom, god manifested your car in the driveway!"
My mom replies, "That's just faith in manifestation baby," I go back outside to help my sister. I'm drying the car with a towel, my sister says to me
"When were you going to say anything ?" I tell her I just told mom about the car.
My sister shakes her head at me, "I found condoms in your room."
I stop drying the car and run into the house. When I reach my room, I start to cry while clutching my stomach. I notice small droplets of blood on my hands, falling to my knees I sob harder.I text my (former) Pastor's wife, she replies "I know what happened, god still loves you, and I love you"
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