Confusing Dream

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Confusing Dream

Post by Lisa4 on Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:26 am

Last night I had a very unusual dream. I was with two other women in my dream they were my sisters but I think really they represented my two daughters. We were walking along this grassey field talking with my mother and suddenly one of them saw something I beleive to be a spirit and took off chasing after it. The rest of us ran after her. When we caught up with her she was diving into the side of a hill after it. We were stunned. And were like how did she do that. I took out a small glass bottle and sprinkled water in a circle around the area where she disappeared and said I guess we are going to work. The first girl went throught the circle then I did. As I entered I turned around and told my mother don't worry we will be back. When we went through the "portal" We came to a compound where a man was keeping people who had died captive. It was like a camp ground with cabins we were assigned to a cabin with some other women and began working under cover like we were suppose to be there. We were told the rules and that the man was always watching us. We had to be careful. There was were a couple of men assigned to our group to watch over us. We were told that once we were settled they would take us to buy food for our group. On the way to the store we started talking to one of the "guards" we did our shopping and while we were there one of the girls planted some sort of device at the store to help us when we were ready to leave again. On the way back we convienced one of the guards that he didn't have to be there. We told him to think of the one person he loved the most and concentrate on that person and he disappeard. I think the were going to be with whoever they were thinking of. The other guards were upset and were demanding to know where he had gone.

After that we started helping others in the compound to leave and each time we told them to think of who ever it was they loved the most and they vanished. Then while we were helping these people we saw that the town had caught fire and we new we had to hurry. Some of the people who were considered leaders in the compound were fighting us. So I found the man who had been holding everyone there and talked to him. I asked him what had happened. He said he had committed suicide and held these people there so he wouldn't be lonely anymore. I convienced him that he was wrong that he couldn't do this anymore and he agreed and became good.

Then I was crossing a bridge that was sitting directly on the water and it was unstable I was holding a boy helping across the bridge and we fell in. I got out of the water and set the boy on the bank we went told the others we needed to hurray. There was one woman there that was fighting us leaving. She was pregnant with red hair. One of the girls started fighting with her the next thing I know there is fire coming from the red headed womans hands. The girl I was with rose her hands and light came from them to defend herself. The boy I helped ran between them and was hurt. The other girl with me and I ran to his aid and helped him to leave. The other two kept fighting, when the boy had gone I ran over to the red headed woman and put my hands on her stomach. She was no longer pregnant I told her if she wanted her baby back she would have to let us finish our work and change her ways. He baby was a boy and he was very important and would do a lot of good in the world but she would have to change her ways. She agreed. I told her I could teleport her to where her baby was but she was afraid and wouldn't do it. So I had to hold her and teleport with her. I left her to get her baby. For some reason I couldn't teleport back I was having trouble. So I started running, people were preparing to leave everywhere now and I ran directly across the water then suddenly started flying. I was extremely happy because we were finally leaving. I came to a swing set and the other two were swinging. I flew down and sat on the swing that was in the middle of them. We began to swing high and thinking of our home. Suddenly I jumped from the swing and when I landed we were home again. But I had lost my eyesight. I knew that this was to teach me a lesson. For some reason it kind of took on a "chamed" feel to it. (the tv show) I was becoming an empath and could feel other peoples feelings. It started really getting strange then I decided I was going on a trip by myself, still blind. I had some sort of conference I had to get to. I went through the airport and got into a taxi trying to get to my hotel without being cheated by the taxi driver. I woke up during the ride to the hotel.
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