I Grew Long white Facial hair...

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I Grew Long white Facial hair...

Post by steadygaze on Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:27 am

Hello beloved ones.


I looked in an old style wooden oval mirror hanging on a wall of an old house. I want to say the house was ancient but not sure, and saw I white long hairs on my face all over like my chin and checks. I was shocked what because they were so long and not stubby. Because I was so in shock I would turn my head more towards the dark shadowing of the room examining the hair and you could see the hair was like in different places on my face not really all in one like a normal beard, and there was soooo much of it. When I would turn my face towards the light you could not see it. It was strange and I was thinking to myself how did this get here with out me noticing it, and how am I going to pluck this out of my face there is just to much of it? I was thinking well I stopped taking my hormone patch could this be why? I was trying to gain logic as to why this had appear because it was soo strange.what

Now keep in mind I have no fear of getting facial hair from no longer being on a hormone patch or anything like that. This was just one of those dreams that poped out of no where. lol

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Re: I Grew Long white Facial hair...

Post by Jasmine on Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:50 pm

Long white hairs are usually a sign of wisdom and being experienced. Maybe God is imparting wisdom to you.

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