Portable Heaters, Video-Recording Wallets, Jack-O-Lantern Cakes, and My Sister Trying to Kill me.

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Portable Heaters, Video-Recording Wallets, Jack-O-Lantern Cakes, and My Sister Trying to Kill me.

Post by v3ryan on Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:40 am

These are a few dreams I've had recently.:

First of all, let me explain what's happening in real life in regards to my first dream. I'm living in an apartment where my electricity/heating is part of the rent. However, I'm using the baseboard heaters a lot more than previous attendants, since I'm usually at home most of the time. This has taken a punch on my landlord's electricity bill, and in January, we will be discussing raising my rent to compensate. I thought about ways I can reduce the cost, and I thought of the possibility of getting a portable heater that plugs into the wall. I'm not sure if those would be more efficient or not, but I did give it some thought.

So the dream starts out where I'm meeting with someone who is helping me with housing and we are talking with my landlord in his living room about the possibility of getting a portable heater to use instead of the baseboard heaters. She said it would work, and my dad was there and he said it will work too. I'm thinking this dream might be a literal interpretation of itself, that a portable heater wouldn't cost as much as running the baseboard heaters and is a good idea. Any thoughts?

The second dream I had was where I was on this type of camping trip or something, not entirely certain, and I'm out somewhere, and I was in this lake. I'm somehow recording video information, but oddly enough I'm recording it onto this type of paper, like blank paper inside this wallet, but I'm holding it upright pointing it around the way I would use a video camera. It was more like the Dr. Who psychic paper if anyone is familiar with what I'm talking about. I noticed that I'm holding the paper underwater a bit, so I get nervous because I think I'm ruining it, but then I see in the water, is another sort of wallet, with more paper in the wallet. So I dive down and get it, and sure enough, it has this same type of paper in it. Apparently this wallet (not sure how I knew in the dream) belonged to someone else, in particular, it was my aunt's brother. (Married my dad's brother, so her brother is not my uncle). Anyways, he was really glad that he got that back, he thought it was gone forever. Also in my dream my cell phone was slightly underwater too, but since the battery wasn't in it, it didn't get damaged. (In the dream the battery not being in the phone somehow saved it from permanent water damage)

The third dream took place in this grocery store, and I was in this one section of the building where you might find those greeting cards, like Christmas, Easter, Grandson's Birthday, etc... Anyways, in the dream I met someone there who posts these types of computer game walkthroughs on Youtube or something, and I started too, but forgot his response to that. Anyways, I go to the front counter, and I forget what I'm buying, but the price comes to, A small cup (apparently I'm paying with these items, not just money), two coins which spell out, "You" and "Are", and I think a penny. I'm still trying to dig around and find an extra $0.75, and the lady at the counter says I have enough, but I have extra and asks if I would like to buy something else. I say no, but she suggests this type of (I never heard of this existing before) some type of Swedish or Finnish Jack-O-Lantern cake thing, which was basically this pumpkin that was carved into a Jack-O-Lantern that was covered in honey. Then I had to wait for the honey to dry or something, then the dream took almost a type of Wikipedia turn, where I saw this page that seemed to be talking about this Jack-O-Lantern. I forget the name of it in the dream, but I think it doesn't exist in reality, but in the dream it had this sort of backstory origins to it on this Wikipedia page, but I don't really remember any of that, but I remember seeing "pictures" in this article, and they had scarecrows that had Jack-O-Lantern heads on the scarecrows.

This fourth dream involved my sister came back from university, and she was trying to simply kill me and my family, and we were in this hotel, and I was trying to find a place to hide before she went bizerk and tried to kill everyone. At one point I was in front of this hospital, and yet it was still the hotel trying to hide from her. I tried places like inside closets and stuff like that. Then one small portion involved me thinking about hiding in this one closet, but not actually doing it. I dreamt I thought about hiding in a closet, and even if she opened it and looked at me, she might not recognize me as a person, and move on.

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