Black Prisoners Killed

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Black Prisoners Killed

Post by sunshinelove on Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:01 am

I was sitting in a classroom and the teacher was letting us look through African American historical documents. The teacher told us to be very careful with them. I walked around the classroom and looked through some binders the students put together. I thought to myself they did not do a good job. Then I imagined how I how I put my binder together. There were names that appearred on this binder but I can't remember the names. Then I picked up a magazine and looked through it. An image of a bloody man caught my attention. It was like that picture became real b/c the scene changed to where this man was.

There was a 2 poles with a wheel on each one and their were black men, naked, bloody, and dead tied by their hands hanging from the wheel. There were 2 black men, naked and bloody they were forced to kill those men. One man was crying out he didn't want to do it and the other one was so full of rage and anger treating those dead men like animals. He was beating them. There were white men in charge.

All these black men were taken from a prison or jail cell into a field and they were killed liked this. Then their bodies were buried. The families did not know what happened to their loved ones and it was like the government was in on this.

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