Two dreams, one sleep

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Two dreams, one sleep

Post by rosebush on Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:51 am

Had 2 dreams this afternoon, which usually means they fit together. I could use some help!

First dream I am entering into a notably small house. There are several blonde girls in the dream that are my daughters in the dream (IRL I have no daughters). They are goofing around, physical stuff like somersaults and I am interacting with them, more than I usually do. Then I wander about the house and in another room see a girl (Dakota) who rides my school bus, one who I still have conflict with. She's pretty verbally harassing yet. I mention to her when I see her lying in a hammock possibly reading something that this small house has so many more rooms in it than I could imagine. I am surprised to see Dakota like this in my house because of her neg feelings towards me.

Next dream I am walking down a sidewalk at night. I go past an old woman's house who is sitting on a side stairs with a light. She has a dog/pet and I am compelled to pick up the dog and carry him along with me, which I do. Somehow I know the old woman will be okay with this. Believe he is a white poodle. I carry him across the street, just miss tripping on something underfoot. Miss several different points of trouble, like an obstacle course but in the dark. I get across the street and nearly halfway down the short end of a block and see a group of dogs coming at us. I move off the sidewalk with pooch in arms, nearly avoiding a big black shadow, big like a horse, running right into us. Thought it was a miracle that there was no impact, remember shutting my eyes and ducking. I reach the halfway mark down this block, under light pole, and look back attempting to release the dog so he can run back to the old lady. I am concerned the older dogs around will go after this pet. I am also thinking to myself that I am so silly to want to carry this woman's pet like this and think I have gone farther down the block than I should have. Dream ends with me bending down to release the pouch, concerned for his safety.

I drive school bus for a living and am believing the dreams are about my relationship with some of the rowdy, slightly misbehaved girls on my bus. I believe the two dreams relate together for a message.

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