flooding dream

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flooding dream

Post by Destine on Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:01 am

I'm at a high school for a test, it's very crowded and loud. I go to the bathroom, and the whole restroom begins to flood. The dream switches to me and my mom at a store shopping for holiday motif. An old friend from our former church stops to say hi.
My mom talks to him for a little while before we leave. My mom gets a call from our pastor once we arrive home. My mom doesn't tell me what's wrong, but she says she has to leave and will be back soon. When my mom returns, she tells me our former pastor's
Son had a mental breakdown and almost overdosed.
I call my friend and ask her to pray for my old pastors, but I refrain from telling her all the details. The next day, I get invited to sleep-over at a friends. Before we go to sleep she goes ballistic and blood comes out of her mouth while she screams.
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