2 Dreams: Malia&Sasha Obama tied up&Friend crying blood

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2 Dreams: Malia&Sasha Obama tied up&Friend crying blood

Post by Destine on Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:18 am

I had two dreams last night: 1st-My dream starts off with myself, my mom along with my sister going through a town looking for Christmas decorations. We find a few things we like, and leave. We pick up our dog from the groomers, and I tell my mom I need something from a store. I go into the stores bathroom; I hear muffled screaming, I try to locate where it's coming from. I open one of the stalls to see Malia&Sasha Obama. I call my Mom, she tells me to stay with them while she calls the police and my dad.(My dad is in the army). I tell the Girls it's going to be alright and I'm able to untie them. My mom comes and tells me the police and a few soldiers are on their way. We have to slowly get out of the restroom and get them into our van, we end up getting chased by two men; We're able to get to the car safely. We meet up with the FBI on a military base, and get the girls to safety.

2nd dream: I end up at a friends house, I'm talking to the son of one my my Mom's friends in his room; We talk about feeling the need to he perfect and not wanting to let out parents down. I end compromising my sexual integrity, I don't tell my parents or my sister. Instead, I tell my friend. My friend says everything will be OK and she asks if she can come over to talk. I get the OK from my Mom, so I tell her "Sure,"
The visit goes very well, until my friend starts crying and there's actual blood in her tears. She keeps saying I have been a horrible friend and she sounds really crazy. My Mom hears all this noise, and starts to pray and calm her down while I call her parents. The next day at church, I end up crying an telling one of the women there I just have a bad stomach ache. The women doesn't believe me, I tell her what's really going on; So I agree to tell my mom about what I did
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