Very Weird Dream - (not entire dream)

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Very Weird Dream - (not entire dream)

Post by v3ryan on Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:17 pm

Last night I had a very weird dream, I won't mention all of it, but will mention various points. It's rather complicated, and this isn't the entire dream, but I hope it's enough for someone to get maybe a few ideas or an interpretation of what it is about. :)

PS: I love the Christmas themed site now.

First bit (what I've written and am typing down is not necessary in order, just stuff I was remembering as I was awake) I was decending into this type of mine. I remember going on a tour of an iron ore mine a few years back, it was somewhat similar to that, plus it had a massive physics lab in it.

There's this one lady, who was a type of boss for a top secret organization or something, who's head was a giant eyeball. No ears, no mouth, just a single giant eyeball where her regular head should be.

There was this big part of the room where a bunch of other people were. One couple had a baby, this baby looked exactly like my brother when he was a baby. My brother was there too, talking to this couple, (specifically because he noticed this baby looked like a younger version of him)

There was this one lady in the group who had a can of juice with her (like a Five-Alive maybe?) And she said that someone apparently urinated in her juice.

Next I was in a car (well sort of) still in the same place in this mine, but wasn't able to go anywhere because the car was still in neutral. Then these people came by offering me if I wanted to go skydiving, but I declined, I didn't really want to go skydiving. (Don't really want to try it in real life either)

Something happened with the planet, and the Earth's core was moved, this man had turned it, this caused this huge crater (not sure how to spe to open up on the surface, and part of us were falling down to Earth (somehow I was out of the mine and was skydiving anyway) down, toward this crater. There was this poisionous snake which was also freaking out because of what was happening.

My dreams are often very hard to describe, or not even whole (as in the entire dream mentioned in this forum) and it is often difficult to put them into words. But if anyone has any ideas to what this might mean, I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you very much, and God Bless. :)

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