Grandchild at the Old Duplex

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Grandchild at the Old Duplex

Post by rosebush on Fri Nov 02, 2012 9:52 am

Asking for help with this dream of my family --

We are in my parents' old duplex, the same duplex I was born and where we lived when my 3 sons were born. It's the 1st-floor apartment. Nothing significant about the apartment but my son Zackary and his wife Elizabeth are there with their baby boy Isaac Daniel. I seem to be tending to the baby, carrying him around, watching him play. At one point I note he is misbehaving similar to his father. He is playing on the floor near a round wooden coffee table that we acquired from a friend we had when we lived in this place, and I still have it, though it is a bit ramshackle now from years of kids and use. This baby looks and acts very similar to his father in real life -- and I note that neither one of his parents are really disciplining him. While I am carrying him, I am feeling with my hands his back bone is very prominent, bony, and his legs seem very thin. The sensation is feeling with my hands. In real life baby is on the chubby side. So I seem to be concerned about the "form" of this baby.


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