Giants, Warlocks soldiers in red broken plate and mini me

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Giants, Warlocks soldiers in red broken plate and mini me

Post by gordie1 on Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:03 pm

Hi there I dreamt last night the following:

I was walking through a long passageway passing a cage where sexual immorality was taking place (exactly the same as it is in real life) and as I tried to get through the passageway 2 giants over 7 feet tall were stopping me passing and I was with someone who was me except I was smaller but I was there as well same size it was like me and a mini me !! We both turned back and on the same path we came down there were at least 20 people with swords blocking the entrance/exit men and women I asked the mini me who they were and I was told they were warlocks and they were going to punish me. But I decided to go past them anyway terrified I ran past them and there was a lot of shouting and they raised their swords but I was untouched and unharmed. As I came out on to the main street hundreds of men dressed in red with black sashes on them passed me as if they were marching in a band. I asked the mini me who they were and I was told they were servants. I was excited by this. Then we climbed this really steep hill up and I went into a shop where I bought a tin of macaroni cheese which was already cooked and I went into this house and I began looking for a plate and I could not find one anywhere and then I found one which looked fine but when I took it out of the cupboard it was broken in two. I remember trying to phone my friend who goes to this place of immorality but I could not get through to him it was engaged and I felt a sense of doom and despair.

In real life I have just launched a 24-7 prayer ministry to pray for homosexuals and I feel very much on my own. I am just wondering if this is anything to do with it.

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Re: Giants, Warlocks soldiers in red broken plate and mini me

Post by Mia Sherwood on Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:01 am

This dream seems like a warning dream but don't be afraid. I believe that you going at this alone may not be the most effective route as evidenced by your inability to procede down the path. The warlocks may represents spirits that would try to trap you in the place of immorality but you have the courage to break through.

Don't despair about your friend, just pray! Even though it WILL look like you are not getting through, press through; and get a prayer partner. Ask God for one!

Question: Are you in a church where you feel your spirit is growing?


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