fraud in the dream

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fraud in the dream

Post by Ladylo on Fri Oct 26, 2012 4:17 am

I had a quick dream last night where I was at work and my class was interrupted and I was pulled out of the class and the man was looking for someone named lorraine. I explained that I was not lorraine and introduced myself as lori. He then showed me handcuffs and preceded to say put your hands behind your back and I said, what is this about and he said, fraud and I said please don't do this in front of the call center floor and i woke up.

So i think the dream is a warning about work in my every day life I am going to make sure that I am not involved in this kind of activity. I'm confused that he asked for lorraine but was willing to take lori and that he never showed a badge or anything. He didn't handcuff me either.

any thoughts.

I think Lorraine/Lori signifies double mind. Normally a real police officer
would check the identification of the person they are arresting
this man did not and his face wasn't shown
only his clothing which was dark blue. - some type of embarrassment
that isn't me because he asked for another name but will
pin it on anybody.

In my class the following day, I called on a girl whose name
is Kristina but I was calling her Kristin. Her classmstes
corrected me three times when the Holy Spirit said to me her name is
Kristina not Kristen just as your name is Lori not Lorraine.

I think this situation is symbolic to something that is happening
at work and Wants me to pray and it may be for her or someone who
is in something fraudulent or is being mistaken for
something fraudulent. Like mistaken identity.

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