Rescued by someone who doesnt like me...

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Rescued by someone who doesnt like me...

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:21 am

I had a dream that i was back home in california. I was walking down a street by my house when i seen an old classmate. (irl, he doesnt care for me much) i was walking & there were these two kids playing outside they started talking to me but i was trying to get home. They came up to me and started attacking me. I was pushed down by one kid & the other one slapped me across the face. The left side was red and swollen. (i dont believe these were kids. I think they were midgets because they didnt hit like kids) My classmate could hear me screaming so he ran up & grabbed the kid who slapped me & said "so u want to put your hands on women huh?" & he slapped him the two kids ran off to their parents house we ended up talking to the parents. When we left we didnt say anything to each other he just looked at me and we kept walking. I didnt understand why he helped when he doesnt even like me. (whenever i see this man in my dreams he is never literal. He always represents some1 else.) Im just confused.
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