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Post by ellycat316 on Thu Oct 25, 2012 3:48 am

I dreamt we got home from vacation and at one point noticed that my cat & dog were not anywhere in the house where I left them (something I would never do in the natural). They were the pets I had in the past before they passed away. I began looking all around the house for them & could not understand what happened to them.

Next scene: I was in our Rec Room in the basement at my old house, and there was a black cat down there that I forgot I had. I couldn’t believe I forgot about her. She came to me & I picked her up and she no longer was a black, cat but a multi-colored cat. I looked all around the floor, and I saw a plate of cat food, as well as, several dirty dishes on the floor that once contained food, but I didn’t see any water.

There was a wealthy man walking around where I was at (I believe he was on a cell phone) and he was going to move from one house to another. I was all for it thinking he’d be better off.

I was at work and someone was looking for an Avon Representative. We were looking at the back of an Avon brochure, but could not find a name of a rep. I thought of someone I knew who sold Avon products and phoned her, but she said she no longer sells Avon.

Upon awakening after the above dreams, I had a vision of a mud hole in my front yard. There were two men standing around it and a bare-footed little girl (not sure if the men were bare-footed, but I think so). The girl was standing by one of the men, who gently grasped the girl’s left arm while the other man gently gasped her right arm and they lifted her up and repositioned her around the mud hole to where the second man was.

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