Being in a school training in every field of life and an old foster sister shows up.

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Being in a school training in every field of life and an old foster sister shows up.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Sat Dec 20, 2008 8:38 am

Hello there here is a dream,

I was living with a bunch of other people in this school. The school had to do with raising puppies but also helping others like adults and children who were poor, or mentally challenged who were broken hearted and needed counsel or deliverance . Others would come in needing different things and such. We were trained in all these different fields from animals to people and children. I went swimming in a beautiful Lake with some friends from the school,while the children where in the Lake being taught how to swim by another student. I put my hand in the water and found sunglasses and I would ask anyone if it belonged to them, and one claimed the sun glasses. Then I kept finding all these sunglasses in the clear Lake underwater. The next scene we had a staff meeting and I missed it some how. I turned on the TV and I saw that the normal program we had on for the school that we normally aired was not on, but this commercial like.The commercial was deceptive in what we represented I could not believe it! what Who ever made this commercial made it sexual and perverted and that was not what we were all about. Then my friend who I was in school with who I do not kow IRL comes to me saying Jeanie you missed the meeting that is not a good thing. I was like I know and I felt really bad about it. Then next scene I wake up and someone had placed little puppies in my door on purpose as to abandon them. So I bring them in and then I see more puppies a different litter with the mama at my door. I am like what is going on here! duh Then I go over to my friends room and I can see she has a headache or something and tell her I had a load of puppies someone dropped off she tells me she knows and that she had seen them. So she comes over and helps me take them were they are to go to get fed and trained. Then as I come back to my room I see an old foster sister there in the hallway I could not believe! wow I asked if her name was Lisa Neff, she said yea. She did not recognize me and I said it is me Jeane. Then right away she realized who I was and she jumped up to give me a hug.I said to her, I have prayed for you and I have asked the Lord to help me find you because I wondered what ever happened to you. Then the office staff called her into the office I knew my friend Lisa was struggling with mental illness and that was why she came to us. She was not he Lisa I knew as a teenager in foster care. My heart went out to her because she had not found what I found yet and what saved me from death,but I knew here in this place she would find Jesus. I turned to my friend and explained who Lisa was.

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