Gun fire at movie theatre

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Gun fire at movie theatre

Post by Destine on Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:44 am

I had two dreams last night: I'm at a party with my family at an old co-workers house, my sister and I are bored while my parents are enjoying themselves. My sister and I walk around and find an old friend. We talk and we decide to change out of our wet swimsuits to play UNO. I find a bathroom, after I finish changing, I hear a scream come from the bathroom. I open the door to see a guy trying to attack my friend. I throw a book at his head and he leaves. My friend and I get my sister so we can talk to the parents about what happens. Once we get downstairs I realize I left my purse, I go back to the bathroom to see the guy who attacked my friend. He threatens to kill me if I tell anyone I saw his face.

Dream 2: I'm off of work and my sister invites me to go to the movies with her and some friends. I say "sure". We get to the movie theatre, get some snacks;then meet up with our friends. The previews already started, we spot our friends and sit. Once the movie starts, shots are fired from the back of the theater. I get hit in the arm, but I don't bleed. The theater dream was filled with black and red smoke.
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