Chinese dealership, overweight Miss Universe

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Chinese dealership, overweight Miss Universe

Post by Shan on Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:15 pm

I dreamed that I was at a high-end car dealership that was owned by some Chinese people. I was buying an expensive car, but didn't see it in the dream. The dealership also had a gourmet restaurant in it. I was entitled to one meal. The meal I ordered tasted really good, but I was surprised that the consistency was like jello. It's not what I was expecting. Then the manager of the restaurant was eating too. I thought he was lucky that he could eat there everyday, as there was much more on the menu I would like to try, but probably never would because of the price.

Next, I was being shown this special, extremely fast racing car. It had no steering wheel, but you turned it by leaning your body one way or the other. It reminded me of a bob-sled. I tried it out and liked it. The dealers told me that because of my purchase, I had access to this car. I asked if it could be driven on the road. They kind of laughed as if it was a silly question (what do I know, I'm a girly girl.) Then they showed me another, more expensive car that could be driven on the road. It looked similar to the other one. It still had no steering wheel and was navigated the same way. I asked if I got to keep the car and they said no, it's just something they loan out for two weeks after a purchase. They told me it was a $250,000 car. I also remember them giving me a bottle of wine. I walked away and forgot it, then remembered it and went back and got it.

In the next scene, I was on the grounds of the dealership. I noticed a former Miss Universe and she was REALLY overweight and looked much younger, like a teenager. I couldn't believe she had let herself go like that! I was with Oprah and she was really mad at this girl's attitude and lack of respect and responsibility. She told me to go get her evening gown from her and turn it back in to the dealership. I asked Oprah for advice on what to say to the dealership people. I guess they had sponsored Miss Universe or something. I didn't want to discredit her or make her look bad and I wanted to make sure I told them the truth. I came up with something truthful and diplomatic and told Oprah. She was flustered with me and took the dress and did it herself. Maybe my attitude should have been, "It is what it is," and not be so concerned with how the former Miss Universe looked.

Then, I'm on a vacation in China with some people from the dealership. There was pretty landscaping and the guides pointed out that they watered their plants from above, similar to a waterfall, rather than from the ground like sprinklers. I also noticed a building that had it's doors open and they had a buddha inside along with something red. I felt empty inside when I saw it. Also, my ticket was different from everyone else's. My ticket showed I'd be there for two weeks and everyone else's was for one. One of the people in charge was concerned, but another said, "Oh, she got the two week one because she bought her car when we were offering that special." I stated that I guessed I could go to Korea and Thailand the last week. I was a little nervous though to go it alone as I didn't know the language or how to negotiate customs. Unfortunately, my alarm woke me up and I didn't get to find out what I chose!

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