Dream about Suicide and dark cloud around someone

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Dream about Suicide and dark cloud around someone

Post by Destine on Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:38 am

The 2 dreams I am about to describe all happened last night:

1st dream: I'm at a hotel resort complex with my family for vacation, I can tell it's during Christmas because I see Christmas decor in the palm trees. My parents send my sister and I off to a store to get a few things; When we get back, I head upstairs to our room, a guy leaps out from around the corner and tries to attack me. My sister hears me screaming, She comes up the stairs, scaring the Guy off. My sister and I agree that he was trying to rape me; We tell our parents as soon as we get to our rooms. We decide to check out of the resort just to be safe. The color through this dream was green.

2nd dream: I'm at work dressed in a formal, The management team made and announcement that every sales associate/cashier should dress in formals to encourage the sales of formal wear with the customers. My mom calls me to inform me that she cannot pick me up; And to call our old Pastor's wife. I'm a little surprised, but I do what she says. My former pastor's wife picks me up, her kids are in the car as well. I notice that her older son looks really, dark, I actually see a dark cloud around him. When we get to my house, My mom talks to our old pastor's wife in another room; I go to my room and change. Once I come back out, I watch TV with my sister and her sons. Once they leave, I ask my Mom if everything is alright with them. She said "No, their older son is contemplating suicide". I'm not really shocked, but it's still alarming. This dream was filled with the color red, and it took place during Christmas too.
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