4 dreams in one night (again whatup with thebicycles?)

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4 dreams in one night (again whatup with thebicycles?)

Post by jaenmari on Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:57 am

first dream:

so, i'm walking into this museum and there's a room with a bunch of porcelain dolls. there's a lady looking after them and she treats them like they are real children, being a little freaked out by these dolls as they look like they're coming to life, i decide to leave the lady to her own business. i enter another room of the museum and there are displays of really expensive and priceless artifacts everywhere. all of a sudden there are children everywhere in the room and i get the sense that they actually live there in the museum like it's some kind of orphanage. the receptionist comes to me and starts telling me i need to put the artifacts away into drawers underneath them and i tell her i agree because with all the children it might fall and break. and i tell her i have a plan to move the children to another part of the museum where they won't be in the way. so, i call a meeting with the staff (i guess i work there) and tell them about my plan for the children and there's this one guy who doesn't seem impressed with me at all. and i think to myself. great, now there are two things i have uproot and rebuild again.

dream 2

i go to my house and some of my family members are there and the rest is arriving in drips and drabs. There's a leprechaun and his assistant inside the house and he's showing my family a game on an ipad and i keep thinking they shouldn't get involved because i don't trust leprechauns and they are going to get sucked into the game, but they just keep being interested in what he has to show them

dream 3

i enter a hall filled with long tables. my family is sitting at the tables spread out across the room. i decide to join my cousin at the furthest table down the hall. there are waiters starting to dish out some food. they are bringing people steak for the main course but when they get to our table we don't get steak, we get cake. all kinds of chocolate cakes. and theyre all in the form of baby carriages. they're chocolate baby carriage cakes. holy moly

dream 4

i get to my sister's house (apparently i stay there) , but its really late at night like almost getting light outside again for the beginning of the next day and the whole livingroom is filled with bicycles. what and it's a mission to get past them to the bedrooms and i get to my room and i tell my sister she has to remember to take the bicycles outside like i told her a couple of times before because they are in the way in the living room, nobody can get past them.

anyone? cause i dunno
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