Old Retail Job - From Outside to Inside

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Old Retail Job - From Outside to Inside

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:21 am

This one is long...

The dream began with me outside in the store's parking lot. It wasn't exactly clear to me that I was an employee, here. There was a feeling that I wasn't quite the one responsible for what was going on. I seemed to be involved with setting up the tent (for cash registers) for the outside lawn and garden department. Thing is, they weren't placing it where it normally goes - it was WAY out on the furthest point in the parking lot, right by the highway. To me, this wasn't such a good idea. I had been inside the tent for a while, and the overall feeling was that of struggle or difficulty...although I don't remember what it was that I was doing. I left the tent and stood outside, separating myself from the work that was going on.

A man came up to me to ask for my help. This man, in real life, is the Quality Engineer at my current job. He's amazingly intelligent and takes his job very seriously. He wanted my input on what they were doing (he was involved with the store in this dream) with the tent and the setup of the department. He knew that I had run this department in the past, so he wanted to hear from my own experiences and to know what their challenges would be. I was a bit uncooperative at first - pretty closed-mouthed and insistent on removing myself from this project. This man prodded at me to help him, so I finally relented and began to share. I told him that the placement of the tent wasn't going to work for whatever they intended to do out here. Basically, they were going to keep something inside it that needed a controllable temperature. Placing the tent out in the wide open with full exposure to sun would make it too hot inside. He wanted to know what I had done in the past and where he should start as far as making changes. I told him that we used the same tent in the past, but that it had the shade of a tree to help keep temperature down. If they wanted to place the tent this far out in the parking lot, I told him that they'd need to shade it - with another tent over it.

The scene moved on to where I was much closer to the building. I seemed to be rounding up stray shopping carts and putting them in the corrals. Another former manager was nearby doing the same thing. She commented on all the garbage she was finding - either on the ground or in the carts, themselves. Next, the same Quality guy came up to me with a long line of carts. He was pushing carts that where all the same color, but a different color than what was all around us. I moved out of the way, but I helped him to guide the carts into the corral...which seemed to be what he wanted me to do.

In the next scene, I'm inside the store, upstairs, and in the management offices. I was curious to how things looked, since the setup was different from when I was a manager there. I also felt like I needed to remain unseen. So, I moved through the offices quietly, just looking. I heard the voice of a former manager, and I looked in a room to find that it was who I expected it to be, and that he was training someone else - another man his age. These guys were much older than I am, and that age difference brought a feeling of not belonging to the dream. I left the offices, but on my way out I wanted to see the store manager's office - but I found that it had been moved and that the former location was a storage room of sorts.

From that point, I walked downstairs, planning to leave. I became aware that I had on my old winter coat, unzipped. Underneath, I was a little surprised to see that I was wearing an old-style red polo - the uniform when I used to work there. I also had my name tag on. I felt a little silly having this on since everyone who actually worked there had the new style/color shirts on. I stepped out from the stairwell and walked past the service desk where two employees were working. One of them recognized who I was, and was pleasantly surprised as she greeted me. The other lady was busy with something and had her back to me, but I was surprised to see that she was a smaller (shorter) young asian lady.

I walked out behind the checkout aisles, and as I passed them while one my way to leave, many of the cashiers recognized me and greeted me. Most of them (if not all of them) were unfamiliar faces to me.

I actually didn't leave. I walked through the store a bit and saw two young ladies at work - one of which I recognized immediately. This girl, Katie, was someone I looked forward to returning to work each summer (she was in college the rest of the year). So, I walked over to say something like, "Well, is that Katie?" But, before I could say it, I heard a familiar voice say the same thing. At that point, I found that I was on roller skates! So, it was a little awkward standing. I looked toward the pharmacy, expecting that the voice had come from within that area. However, the speaker emerged from an aisle nearby, and it was the former store manager (and my mentor). I was glad to see him, but I felt awkward and ashamed and didn't want him to see me. But, he did, and he came over to shake my hand...and then he wanted to hug me. End of dream.

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