Red and black snake jumps out of box

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Red and black snake jumps out of box

Post by Jazzy on Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:05 pm

Iím still feeling the creeps from this dream... I walk out of my bedroom and I hear something coming from a box in the living room. I knew it was a box of one of my roommates in particular. Her door is directly across from mine, and the box was midway between our rooms. I peek over the box and I saw a red and black snake. The sound I was hearing was its hissing as it slithered in the box. In my dream I was a little shocked, but more apathetic actually. I walked into the kitchen.

The dream transitioned and I knew my great-aunt was in my room while I was in the kitchen near the front door (in my dream, I don't think she knew that I knew she was in my room). My bedroom door was open and the snake was still in the box hissing. She was looking through my drawers on my desk. She got to one drawer in particular and I remember thinking I hope she doesnít open that drawer because I donít want her to see my certificate (in reality, that drawer is where I have spare money for rent). Next thing I know, the snake jumps out the box and slithers very quickly in my room before she ever opened the drawer where my certificate was (now, in my dream I was shocked that snake jumped out the box; I became a little scared). I heard my great-aunt yell, but I thought sheís a strong woman and she could handle it. She comes running out my room victorious like a champ with the snake in her hands above her head and yells her daughterís name. She opened the front door and her daughter was outside my apartment. My great-aunt splits that snake in half with her bare hands and threw itís remnants in the grass.

Later in my dream, I remember asking my roommate why and where she brought the snake. This part of the dream is kind of fuzzy now, but I remember her saying she found it outside or something along those lines. Later in my dream I heard a knock at my front door. I walked from my bedroom towards the door but didn't answer. Eventually the person who knocked blatantly walked inside. They were startled to see me standing there. They were people from my school, and the girl who spoke said there's a wild turkey and she wanted to bring it here, I believe for its safety. I told her no I didn't feel comfortable having it in my apartment because my roommate also brought in something from outside and it wasn't good. When I looked outside, I glanced at a guy and I thought he might have been telling people to buy these wild animals. As a result, I thought that was why my roommate and this classmate wanted to bring a snake and turkey in our house.

Are there any thoughts as to what this may symbolize? Especially the whole snake dream. I still feel creeped out by that. When I got up this morning, I just had to pray for my room, my apartment, and the neighborhood. However, this may mean something totally different than my residence, but it could be something that's going on or that may go on in my life. Are there additional thoughts? They are greatly appreciated, thank you.

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