Two Cows and Romans

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Two Cows and Romans

Post by SeekingUnderstanding on Sat Sep 29, 2012 5:27 pm

I was asked on a date by a handsome man. It began at a convenience store when we entered the line was very long. We both chose the same ice cream bar by Laughing Cow and we were next in line. My date had a joke with the cashier I cant remember about what but I didnt find it too funny. We went outside to enter a two seater red sports car.

The dream changes and we are in a ship's cargo area. Across from me I saw two cows some how I knew one was a male and the other female. On the right of the cows was my date laying on soft white blankets that covered his body to the neck. He asked me to come cuddle with him. I refused being upset that our date was just a ploy to sleep with me. I told him I wanted to go and one of the cows said Im glad. I want to go too.

Now myself and the cows are in very rough ocean with dark skies and rain. The female cow was on a raft. I was desperate to make sure the cows stayed together. I lifted the male cow onto the raft but it sunk beneath them. I hung on to a rope the cows were harnessed to and they began to swim together which I found amazing.

I was picked up by another ship but once I was on the ship I felt like I wasnt present but observing the scene. The ship was full of women who were either over 60+ or early 20s all dressed in ancient Roman clothing and hair styles.

There was a young woman who was speaking with two older women who were making veiled jabs at her. She was respectful but looked very bored. When she talked her teeth were rotten. Once she left the women and joined a group of young ladies she was happy and her smile was beautiful.

At some point I was back active in the dream and I was socializing but a different person. I was dressed like a Roman and the date I had left was later brought aboard from the sea but he recognized me even with my different appearance. I remember we were both angry at each other and I noticed the cows were still together on the deck side by side.

I need help with the dream. The strongest feelings I remember was being disappointed at another failed date and the need to keep the cows together.

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