CASTLE/HOUSE - White Worms - more info - inc 2 more dreams

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CASTLE/HOUSE - White Worms - more info - inc 2 more dreams

Post by sharon on Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:11 pm

Hi fellow dreamers

Sorry for yet another posting but I just remembered....

My last posting on here was a dream I had back in April this year which involved another dwelling and earthworms and other creatures that live in the soil.

In July I dreamt we moved from our present home to another:-

We had brought the house and had gone to it with the children/rest of the family. We went in through the back and when I saw the garden it was smaller and not that attractive compared to our present one and I thought "why would we want this over what we have and especially now that we've planted veg, etc", and thinking how happy those people were going to be who now have our old house. When we went inside it at first seemed like an ordinary, bog-standard house. There was a cooling-off period whereby we could change our minds if we wanted and go back to our old house but it would cost 864 or 894 - something in the 800's. I was tossing and turning it around in my head whether we should. I asked the children what they thought of it and as they were going around opening doors into rooms it became apparent that there were alot more rooms, quite large ones with period features. At one point, I was stood near the front door and a flashing light and noise went passed the house. I thought maybe it was an emergency service but when I opened the door it was a bus (a red double-decker I think). I thought "oh great, a bus route right outside our door!". It was a route that wound round the road as we lived on part of a bend of a windy road that had many houses.
I noticed a family getting into a car (it was nightime and possibly winter). It was a family that had moved away from where we used to live irl.

I also remember when touring this house that the roof had been kitted with lights in glass domes and a disco or bbq, I think it was a bbq and there was music playing and people getting food from the bbq. It was night time and I remember there was a spiral stairway leading me back down off the roof into the house. I awoke from the dream feeling quite happy about our purchase I think, and I remembered that I've had several dreams in which I found more and more rooms in a house.

Also in the dream I remember a point when a dark haired girl, possibly the owner of the house before us, had walked in an area she hadn't done all the time she'd lived there and said something like, "I've found a way of getting (her child) to school that I could have been doing all this time and it would only have taken 20(?) minutes". I did wonder why she hadn't seen this way before and or how she had come across it now. I woke up happy, knowing that I've had this 'house' in previous dreams.

Then beginning of September I awoke from yet ANOTHER dream where we had sold our house and brought one in Bulgaria.
We were in the new house but it was horrible. I found it hard to remember the details but I got the feel that the previous owners were around (an older couple with a young daughter), in the sitting room area at least. There was something to do with the sofa cushions, the ones you sit on, they were just disgusting. I remember pulling up the seat cushion and finding old pillows or something underneath that were needing to be chucked. The kitchen was small and coloured red, black and white. I didn't get a sense of the previous owners then and that's when I asked my hubby what on earth we were doing moving to this house as it was awful (we were putting food from carrier bags into cupboards). I said it's ok for him as he had work but me and children couldn't speak the language and didn't have anywhere to go or any money. I could feel that money was tight/non existent and what we saw that needed doing in the house was going to take us absolutely ages because of the lack of funds. I remember seeing a world map and realising whatever happened in the world we were no longer British citizens and therefore didn't have the same rights anymore etc.
The last thing I remember doing was typing into Google about where do you stand on reversing a house purchase in another country.

So you see, this years main theme has been about houses. First up the road, then different area, then different country! But the castle/house dream is the latest one so I'm not sure where that takes us.

All I know is God is probably trying to make something soooo apparent to me and, as per , I am just not getting it scratching chin

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