Nursing a baby and little girl giving birth

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Nursing a baby and little girl giving birth

Post by yyoung09 on Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:54 pm

Hello! long time have not been here!

life has been a challenge But keeping my head looking up...

1- A week ago or so I dream that I was somewhere else, I do not know the place. Well I was given a new born baby, like few days old or son. I felt that i need it to nurse him. Some how I knew that if he latched on to my breast, milk will come. I tried to put it under my shirt but it was to tight on him. so I went into a private room and I nursed him. this baby was very, very hungry. I could see that I had lost of milk. then I saw that the baby was satisfied. I felt very happy, in love with the baby.

2. I had a dream yesterday. I dream that it looks someone was having a baby but it was a little girl, I saw the body of the little girl. she was ready to give birth. I think that I was trying for her not to give birth. but I saw when the baby came out and my mom was by her side. I picked up the umbilical cord and I looked to my mom and I guess I asked for a scissor. I don't remember if I cut the umbilical cord. but I nursed the baby and then the little girl. then some how I was crying that someone has taken them. Then I look thru my son's window and a baby carrier was on top of my van and the little girl was a little bit older (like 8 years old)(the baby's mom) was on the left side of my van looking at me happy.

That this sounds like a ministry?

thank you for your input!

God bless you all!


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