My 10 month old daughter giving birth

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My 10 month old daughter giving birth

Post by mandrews54 on Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:36 am

Hi to all. How are you all doing? Please help me understand this dream or vision. Thank you. I dreamt I opened the back door of the house where i live. And I saw a pregnant woman on a bed going to give birth. At her head stood my mother who seems to be supporting her. As I got closer to them the woman changed into my 10 month old daughter giving birth instead. I stood by her feet observing what was going on and I saw the image of the baby trying hard to get out but i know it was ready to come forth, so I held the hem of my top to make a net, saying to myself the baby will not break their neck when they come out but i will catch them safely. I stood there waiting not for long and then my sister came from the side of the house telling us what we should do, in a helpful way.

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Re: My 10 month old daughter giving birth

Post by Shan on Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:13 pm

Hi mandrews,

These are just my thoughts and I am not a moderator. I'm wondering if this is a foreshadowing of blessings and gifts the Lord has placed within your daughter. You were there to help it come forth and your sister provided information as to what to do. Maybe she will play an important role in your daughter's life. All in all, it seem like a very good dream.

Again, these are just thoughts here.

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