Menses cycle (Warning: may not sit well with males)

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Menses cycle (Warning: may not sit well with males)

Post by Jazzy on Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:40 am

Hi everyone, I've had two dreams this week regarding me on my period. This one may be for the ladies, I hope I don't make the men queasy. But anyone please feel free to leave your comment because I've had two bathroom dreams this week dealing with my period. I honestly don't know how to feel about the dreams:

In the first one Thurs night, my friend was taking a shower and I went to use the toilet. As I was about to finish, I noticed that there was a good amount of blood. I figured out that I just started my period and it was pretty heavy. There was a bunch of clots, and somehow it got on the wall. I looked at the clots and they were fairly thick. In the dream, I thought they looked like leeches based on how they were sized (gross, I know).

In my second dream last night, me and a friend who I can't remember who, were at a social or public place like the mall. She took a bathroom break, but I didn't need to, so I waited for her by the sinks. Later on we took a second bathroom break and we both went. Initially I thought I didn't have to go, but as I waited for her finishing up, I felt as if I did need to go. I was in the stall on the toilet, and she was in the stall with me standing in front of me. I saw that I needed to change my sanitary item, but she held my purse. I asked her if she could grab me a new sanitary item from my purse. I wasn't uncomfortable with her being in the stall with me actually, but I was worried about getting blood on my clothes because I'm pretty sure I had on white pants.

Are there any thoughts to this? I've never had dreams like this before. Thank you so much.

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