My sisters wedding

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My sisters wedding

Post by Daisy on Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:01 am

I had a dream I had invites in my hands for my sisters wedding. Irl she is already married to this guy she has been dating from high school. I was passing invites to random people I hardly knew, who in the dream I worked with these people in an office setting. I remember thinking, I hardly know these people (and I'm sure my sister didn't know them). As I handed them the invitations, I said to them "feel free to come, but please don't feel obligated". I explained to them that it's kind of silly that they r getting married now, bc they have dated for 21 yrs. (irl they have been together for exactly this amount of time, but have only been married for 7 or 8 yrs at the most.) when I said this to them, I was kind of snarky about the wedding! With the additude of like their relationship was such a joke (irl it sort of is a joke, it's not a healthy relationship, he is not the best husband in the world...BUT my sister puts up with it and she knew exactly who he was when she married him). Then one of the office girls said nicely nerd , "if they want to make the commitment finally, then let them." I thought to myself, "that's very true."

Any thoughts

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