series of weird dreams

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series of weird dreams

Post by dd on Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:09 pm

1) I had a dream 2 nights ago that is not going out of my mind. I was in my and my soon to be ex-husbands apartment which didn't look like IRL. And there was a gap between the entrance door and floor. Suddenly there appeared a worm that stood up like a cobra, but was not a snake - it was a black worm. I wanted to kill it but I was afraid because if I'd step on it it'd still be bigger than my foot and I had only flip flops on. I started to pray like crazy that it goes away. And it did depart. It went through under the door and put it's front part through a hole it made with it's "head"!!! The "head" of the worm blended well in wall and I wanted to kick it, but I continued to pray and it withdraw from the wall and left a bigger hole then expected in the wall... There were several smaller worms that I killed. Those were white. In the gap were crawling other outside bugs, but they didn't come in. At some point as I was wondering about this stuff in dream I had an insect development chart in my hands. I don't know what it was exactly, but I know I didn't know this insect even existed. In dream in picture it started very small as a moth then grew bigger, then suddenly turned into a big nematode sort of worm in black, then the next stages were two smaller (half the size of the black one) white worms, then it went back to a smaller and even smaller sort of moth. I was terrified because I didn't know if the insects in smaller stages were somewhere in apartment. Also, in dream I knew that the black snake type of worm was poisonous. The place felt very very dirty in my dream. I also knew that the only ones I saw were the only ones that were in apartment and there were no more worms.
I just did a research on google, but didn't really find anything that is similar to that picture. Any ideas??

2) Well, I had a "being unprepared" dream last night. I arrived on a set of a premiere of a movie I was on production team IRL and it was held in an opera house and it was supposed to be shown as a theater and I had to act. Of course I didn't know the lines of the role and I had about 6 hours to learn and we rehearsed. After the rehearsal we needed to go to DMV and they said that the road was closed to regular cars and that we should hitch-hike and a police car would pick us up. The road was closed because of some chemical spill or something.

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