The Missing Component Is...Diet Coke?

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The Missing Component Is...Diet Coke?

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:53 am

In this dream, I was filling in on a different shift where I work in real life. Thing is, the person that I was filling in for is actually someone who works on my own shift. The dream also had a feeling like it was nearing the end of the shift, so I would be going home for the day rather soon.

The task that I was doing was one where I weighed/measured chemicals to be added to other components in order to make an end product. As I was doing this, someone came up to me to ask for help with their own task. They handed me a piece of paper which was a recipe for what they were making in their own area. I looked over the components that they needed and found them to be very common chemicals of which we had plenty in stock. However, I reached one line item on the list and I knew that we did not have, we would not be able to make this batch. Among the list of all the other names of actual chemicals, this line item said "Diet Coke." This didn't seem odd in the dream - my thoughts were on the fact that we couldn't put everything together for this batch since we were out.

I handed the recipe back to this person, pointing out what was missing. They wanted me to tell them what to do about this, but I had already done all that I could. They would have to go through their own supervisor to find out what they should do. Again, I had helped out in the only way that I could, and if we had what they needed I would have provided more assistance. While this person whined about what to do, I went back to my own task - sort of shrugging my shoulders to their situation.

Any thoughts are welcome.

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Re: The Missing Component Is...Diet Coke?

Post by L4JC on Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:15 pm

Hi Mark,

I have a few thoughts, not sure how it may fit in with your dream. But I thought I'd share anyway.

All the chemicals you're dealing with in the recipe in the dream seems to be something "creative" that needs to be made. Since there were a few chemicals you have plenty of in stock... that may pertain to a part of your makeup in your personality you do "have" which is you're creative, able to sort out problems to get the "end result" ... but whereas the "diet coke"... you do not have. I always view "coke" as a symbol in my dreams as a sign that I need "refreshment", rejuvenation and rest. Not sure if this is the same "meaning" for you, as well.

I just sense that this someone in your dream was coming to you for help for a solution, but because you were either tired, not feeling up to par... you were out of ideas and thoughts to help this person out in her "dilemma" and decided it wasn't worth the time and you went back to your "work". Is there someone like this in your real life that this has occurred recently?

Pls. toss what doesn't seem to fit.


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