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Post by ellycat316 on Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:55 am

I canít remember much of the first part of the dream, but it seems my friend & I were some place watching Ray Stevens. The second part of the dream is clearer. My friend & I had tubes of makeup in our possession. My friend put her makeup that was in a bag on a shelf & I put my makeup with hers (in the same bag). I was expecting to see Ray Stevens in person, but instead he was on a TV screen and there were maybe 8 or 10 chairs in a semi-circle around the TV (very close to the TV). The chair that I sat on was at an angle that I really couldnít see the TV that well.

Note: The evening before this dream, I was watching the Republican Convention. One of the speakers was Rick Santorum (same initials). Iím wondering if that could have a connection.

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