Driving through rainstorm on highway and taking my friend and cousin to church

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Driving through rainstorm on highway and taking my friend and cousin to church

Post by Jazzy on Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:53 pm

I was driving on the highway and overtime it started pouring down rain. The rain was so bad that it was flooding on the highway somewhat. I was driving cautiously around others, trying not to drive too close to anyone. I remember sticking my head out the window for some reason, but when I came back in my head was completely soaked. I merged off the highway on an exit, but I didn't exit completely because I kept driving straight to merge back on the highway. A tractor trailer passed me extremely fast as I merged back on the highway and it frightened me so much. I remember before I got off the highway that the same truck was behind me because I spotted him a few times in my rear-view mirror. I thought why did I even take this way to go to Wal-mart because of the distance and the possibility of avoiding this storm all together. I remembered that I wanted to go to another store that was near this Wal-mart. Then I also remembered if I would have went to the other wal-mart, there was also that same store near too.

I was at church with my good friend from class (same one from previous dream) and my younger cousin (posted about her a few times months ago about her and my aunt's relationship). In the sanctuary I stood between them, friend on left and cousin on right. We were singing and praising the Lord, but my younger cousin not so much (she's like that in reality, she's on the reserved side when it comes to praise). My other cousins who are twins came and sat at the end of our row (they go to a different church in reality and they are also Jehovah Witnesses, well at least their mother is, so I think they follow her denomination too). I introduced my friend to them. They welcomed her and asked her about school. I focused my attention back on the singing and praising. Soon the pastor stepped to his pulpit, but I stood up a little while longer clapping. I turned to my cousin as I was about to sit down, and she looked at me slightly nervously asking if I was ready to sit down now... and I did because that's what I was about to do anyways lol. I had the feeling that she didn't want to take the action of sitting down by herself earlier, so she waited on me. Any thoughts about this dream?


I actually did take my friend from class to church, and I also took another friend to church with me too, but we are in no way related. And of course my twin cousins don't go to that church either because they are hundreds of miles away and Jehova Witnesses I believe. My younger cousin did not come because she's at another college hundreds of miles away. I did think about her in church today because she is going through a phase in life according to my aunt. I pray for her to find truth when I remember to do so, and I will continue praying for her. Are there any thoughts or comments?

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