Weird shower, driving up hill, late for work, chased by gunman

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Weird shower, driving up hill, late for work, chased by gunman

Post by Jazzy on Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:48 pm

My dream started off in my room, although in the dream my room set up was arranged differently and bigger (I've also had a dream in that same setting before). It was a nice day outside as I saw the sunrays shine through my blinds. I was having a conversation with one of my classmates who is also one of my current coworkers although I haven't worked with him in two months. I forgot what we were talking about, but it was casual. As we spoke, I headed towards the shower because I needed to get ready for work. I was hoping he got the idea as I walked that direction even though we were still talking. He continued talking and walking behind me to the bathroom. I got in the shower dressed and pulled the shower curtain so that I could prepare for my shower in privacy. I started the water, and then I felt his finger poke at the curtain and me. I wondered why he was still in the bathroom while I was in there, but in my dream I didn't think too much about it. It caught me off guard when he poked the shower curtain about three times. I was also concerned with getting ready for work and being on time.

In the next scene I'm in my car and he's in the passenger seat. I was in the parking lot of one of my old homes from high school (I didn't know him in high school; I met him a year ago actually when we started grad school). I suddenly realize the urgency to get to work, so I put my car in reverse and then quickly in the drive without stopping. My car did not respond to the fast transition, so it idled and was drifting slowly backwards down the hill because I switched gears too fast. To fix this, I thought to completely brake, put my car in L2 and then back to drive. While all this is going on, I remember him slily telling me what to do. I didn't really like him telling me what to do, but I listened because what he was telling me worked. When I braked and shifted from L2 to drive, my car accelerated up the hill without me pressing the gas peddle. I was amazed at how fast I was going up the hill. It felt like the acceleration button in cruise setting.

In the next scene, I was at a market type of setting with one of my close classmates (we've actually started studying and hanging out more this semester. She now sits beside me in class). We walked through a series of stores to reach this market. We were shopping casually until I noticed what time it was and that I needed to head out very soon for work (the work I thought of in my dream was one of my first jobs I ever had, not where I currently work). I went into rush mode. We left the market and walked back through the series of stores. She followed me the entire time. I saw a piece of jewelery that attracted me as we were headed through stores. It started to get dark and I couldn't see the streets as well. Now it looked like we were overseeing downtown. I wondered why my job didn't give me a call and ask if I wanted to call out or if I was okay. Because of that, the sense of urgency decreased to get to work.

As I was trying to find our way back, I turned left onto a street that I thought might or might not be the right way. But I took it just for the heck of it. I noticed a sketchy guy while on this street, but we kept walking. As we went further down this street, I noticed a huge sign on the fence at the end of the street. It said something like forbidden, do not enter, or dead end. So I turned back around, but suddenly I noticed there was a gunman (not the same sketchy guy) on the ground in the middle of the street aiming for us with his gun. He was looking through his peep hole on the gun. I was frightened and I noticed our only escape was the street the gunman was on or the backyards of these townhomes or victorian homes. My friend was more frightened than I. I took charge for the backyards on my right. I realized my friend wasn't behind me and probably still on the street. I felt bad because I jetted off so fast and left her. I got to the end of the first house and paused because I thought if I ran past the gap he could see me in the break between the houses; or, he could have gotten up to meet us in the opposite direction. As I took this break, I felt my friend was behind me. I had a feeling the gunman was still on the ground, so I peeped my head out a little and I saw him aiming from the street. He shot at us but missed, and my friend and I ran past the couple of next houses as fast as we could. There was another gunman and he shot at the gunman that initially shot at us. I felt relieved for a moment because I thought the new gunman was saving us. But he actually came after us on foot with his handgun. I just remember us running back down the main street away from him. We ran into a grocery store on our right and he followed us in there. He put on an act as if he wasn't a killer. He saw us trying to hide in the aisle where the checkout aisle was. He said something to us like it's a fake or a toy gun as he threw it in the air. A flag shot out of it like those toy cowboy guns. I looked at my friend like what, and he casually walked out the store. I was relieved all of this was over.

Are there any thoughts as to what this dream means?

This morning as I kept hitting snooze, I kept telling myself don't be late for work. I turned off snooze and just slept and that's when I had this dream. The night before, I was also watching a tv show and it did have a lot of guns in it. Nobody was chasing anyone or trying to kill anyone, but they were aiming for targets. Normally I don't watch things like that.

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