Repost: Talking with dying people

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Repost: Talking with dying people

Post by Grey Butterfly on Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:16 pm

Hi all,

I dreamed that I was visiting strangers in a "hospital" kind of place. I knew they were dying, they knew they were dying... it was a place to wait to die.

The people had a room each, (I saw 3) each room was decorated to be like the person, each of them had favourite furniture in it, they were all a bit dated or eccentric looking... just one function type furniture. One had a piano, she was complaining and saying that when she was younger she played a singing game... each person would be given a letter and they had to sing what they loved/were grateful for starting with that letter. She gave me the letter "F" and I sang flowers and fun and (can't remember the rest) This cheered her and I felt really good about that. She showed me the other side of her room... some people were moving a piece of her furniture and it broke in half... they tried to put it back together, but it was no longer useful.

There was another whose interest was costume/fashion and another whose room I didn't enter, there were painters there repainting - I think she may have been very ill.


I dreamed then about being in a "play" of sorts, it felt pretend and everyone knew it was pretend.... it was mostly about a garden that you could access through a small crawl sized door... small "toy sized" people lived in the garden. (the "garden" was just in the next room)

this part was quite bizarre :o)

but it ended with the people who were watching (all adults) coming in through the crawl door and exclaiming in joy over the gorgeous autumn leaves (autumn coloured curtains) and other beautiful parts of the "garden" it was like they were really enjoying the pretense of joy over the pretend garden... it was beautiful in an odd way!


Another part is we are driving, (my husband is driving) and we take a short cut through a cemetery (I have been to this cemetery before in my dreams) it is old fashioned, it has those raised graves, (the kind you can sit on) with the headstones and little wrought iron fences all around them. In the centre a funeral is happening, there is fake grass in a square, people standing around the coffin... the coffin is decorated with ribbons... in the dream I thought of war ribbons, but these were longer, more like the ribbons that you see winners at a show get - like for the best pumpkin or cow or for horses...

we kept driving and went out of the cemetery and I saw what I first thought were odd tombs, but they were pieces of furniture all along the side of the road, outside the cemetery, they were like the furniture in the rooms of the people who were dying... they had been abandoned at the side of the road at the cemetery.


I'm thinking that the love I felt for the dying people and the enjoyment at bringing them "back to life" not literally, but they sparked up at the conversations and became animated while I was with them shows something about my call or passion or something? lol.

I'm thinking that the pieces of furniture were symbolic for the things that we treasure, the things that become "us" and was pointing out that these things end up littering the pavement when we go.

the pretend "show" was odd, but again, I felt good doing it, I felt like I was making people happy, I enjoyed their joy in the "garden room" and I think this is linked to the feeling I had with the dying people, it speaks about me and how I behave and what I like to do. It perhaps also speaks about "people pleasing" although there was not a feeling of smoothing waters or tension to ease in the dream, I was just enjoying people being entertained and happy. I was enjoying helping my children to put on their show too, (they were in the garden room) I was very aware of the knowledge of pretense here, I knew it was not real and so did everyone else and yet we all played along... and knew we were playing along.

Anyway, perhaps someone here will have some insight from God for me from this dream beyond what I have seen.

Thanks :o) Diane

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