The Lord Showing Me Healing Is On The Way

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The Lord Showing Me Healing Is On The Way

Post by GreatFulServant on Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:37 pm

Had a dream about a person who is close to me and is having a difficult time. In the dream I seen an individual leaving their life and another person by the name of Jason coming into their life. I felt impressed to look up the name Jason and it means healer. I knew that the person who left them in the dream has not been a good influence. Also in the dream I seem myself wrestling with this person wanting them not to have anything to do with this person. The Lord was telling me not to get in the flesh but trust Him and He would be bring healing to them and this person would leave their life. A few weeks after the dream they had mentioned to me that they had gotten a miracle healing in their mind and they were feeling so much freer. Praise the Lord for how He speaks to us.

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