Stuck in Houston! Ran into celeb crush! (Bill Kaulitz dream)

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Stuck in Houston! Ran into celeb crush! (Bill Kaulitz dream)

Post by Tokiogirl21 on Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:22 am

I had a dream a couple of nights ago with Bill in it (it's kind of awkward)

Anyway, it starts off where i'm in the airport waiting on my flight to go home when the gate agent behind the desk announces that my flight has been cancelled (this actually happened on a flight GOING to my destination...Stupid United Airlines sigh )
Anyway, I'm standing in line with what seemed to be about a thousand other people FREAKING MY BRAINS OUT! (again that actually happened too with the exception of there being 1000+ ppl in line) And somehow I get the attention of my celeb crush, Bill Kaulitz (of Tokio Hotel) who missed his flight back to LA because he was stopped in security for autographs and photos
"What happened?" he asked
"My flight was cancelled." I said with a shrug
"I hate when that happens." He replied
I giggled
"What?" He asked
"Oh nothing. I've never been through this before." I said
Soon, I was standing outside the airport waiting for the shuttle for the hotel when Bill showed up again.
"We meet again." He says
"Are you following me?" I playfully ask
"Maybe." He replies with a smirk
Next thing you know, we're at the hotel and there's a problem: they only have one room left!)
So I ask Bill "What are we going to do?"
"We're going to share the a couple would do." he replied
"But I hardly know you, Bill. Do you think that will work?" I asked
"Trust me." Bill said
So we ended up sharing a room on the third floor with a low doorframe (Bill had to duck so he wouldn't bump his head )
Now here's where the Awkward part comes in: When we first entered the room, Bill set his bag on the floor and took his shirt off
Then he asked me "Aren't you tired?" (there was only one bed)
So I thought since this situation couldn't get more awkward, I *ahem* stripped to my undies (bra included) right there in front of Bill.
Needless to say, Bill was very comfortable with me doing this in front of him
So much that when we were in the bed he snuggled up to me and whispered "It was nice to have met you."
Then, Bill's cell phone somehow answered itself (maybe he forgot to take it out of his pocket) and an angry Tom was on the other end
He yelled out "IT WAS NICE TO HAVE MET YOU?!! WTF BILL?! Shake the bed! Whisper naughty things into her ear! COME ON BILL!!"
But Bill wouldn't have it so he hung up on Tom.
"Is he crazy or something?" I ask
"Only when he's bored." Bill replied

It was a nice but funny dream. I mean there was nothing *ahem* inappropriate going on. But is there any significant meaning as to why my celeb crush was there in the first place?

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