Everything made new in a three part series of three dreams.

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Everything made new in a three part series of three dreams.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:40 am

Blessings my friends. Like I have shared with you all in other dreams, the Lord keeps giving me a series of dreams all night they all have different story lines but the main subject remains the same in the dreams. Here we go.

Dream, A

All of a sudden I had a radical complete make over in the natural and in the spiritual. My hair had a new cut and color, like IRL,and my cloths where changed into a new and different style, I moved to another state and in a new house, and had a new car. But it seemed as if everything that I received that was new in the Lord it all came with a price because every one saw the changes and tried to cause problems for me and things came at me out of no where. But I was dressed in a pure white suit as I walked through this new place and transition and new obstacles.

Dream B,

I was in this new place and all of a sudden a friend I had known nine years ago who I thought I would never see or be reconciled with shows up in my life and we talk. We decided to go out and get something to eat it was as if we never had anything between us. As we get to the restaurant and we are sitting down waiting for our food I am marveling how God took the impossible and made it possible in this friendship because it was totally ruined and there was no hope for repair. wow My friend asked me what I was thinking and I said," I am amazed how the Lord brought us back together in friendship when I thought it was gone forever."

Dream C,

I am in the new place with my new house, car, cloths,state. One of my friends Kathryn who I have not see in five years, every since she got married shows up.We catch up on things and we go out to walk in the park. My friend had to go to the bathroom so we walk over to where the bathrooms are and she goes inside. I think to myself I need to take my five capsules of something so I go into the bathroom to try and get water out of the sink to take my capsules. Kathryn smiles at me and says, what are you doing? I tell her i am trying to take my pills. I then go out and find a water fountain because I had a hard time swallowing the pills drinking out of the sink in the bathroom.

Okay any insight would be great. Thanks for reading this long dream. hee hee

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