Pastor's wife going off during service, Sanctuary filled with black

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Pastor's wife going off during service, Sanctuary filled with black

Post by Destine on Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:43 am

About a week or two ago I had this dream: My mom was speaking at our former church, our former Senior pastor apologized to (our now) Pastor for everything he did to him in the past that wasn't right and went against the word. We were happy to see that they were reconciling. Now, in the pastor's office it's white, and I feel peaceful. I join my mother in the sanctuary, she's talking to our former first lady, telling her how excited she is about speaking there. The sanctuary is starting to fill up with members and visitors for the conference my mom is speaking for. Our Pastor's wife comes in, and starts yelling at my mom, saying "How dare you become friends with her, if you want to be a member of my husband's church you need to be speaking to me!" Mind you, everyone is giving her crazy looks. My mother along with our former pastor's wife try to calm her down, The pastors come in and look around at the confusion that has just taken place. The sanctuary is filled with black.
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