Moving into a new house, bathroom floods

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Moving into a new house, bathroom floods

Post by Destine on Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:39 am

Last night, I had a very interesting dream: My sister's boss was helping us move into new house, I recognized the area. It shocked me seeing that in real life my sister's boss is a bit strange and sort of, well timid and doesn't really seem to interact with his employees. Anyways, I go outside and see that my Mom has a new car, she picked up one of my sister's friends, for some reason my sister wants to go back to our former church for a concert. I don't understand this seeing that I know my sister was glad when we left our old church; though both of us don't really like our current church now. Our mom agrees to letting us go to our old church, We a good time in the service, and their youth pastor did a really good lesson. I left something in the sanctuary, I see the Senior pastor's kid, I say hi, but he just looks confused and ignores me. When we get back home, the bathroom to my room is flooded.
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