People touching me within in my personal bubble

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People touching me within in my personal bubble

Post by Jazzy on Sun Aug 12, 2012 7:36 pm

I have had three dreams so far like this. I tossed them out because I thought they were irrelevant and didn't get a good feel for the dreams. But because I had a third dream where I felt inappropriately touched, I think they may be relevant.

The first dream was pretty long, but I'll just explain the part in the dream where I was touched: I was in a grocery store type of setting on a ladder either grabbing something or stocking something. A lady who I don't know but in the dream was my supervisor or something came up behind me and squeezed my gluteus maximus (sorry for the technical term, I am trying to type family-appropriately). She was demanding something in regards to what I was doing, her tone was almost like an army sergeant. I felt slightly violated but brushed it off as if it were nothing. But when I woke up I thought what in the world!

In another dream I had a day or two later, I was in a game room or something. It was a dark room that had lights coming from what I thought were video games. There were about ten other people, but I didn't pay attention if I knew them or not. A guy I know from my class was talking very ugly to me. In my dream I approached him as if I knew it was coming like a daily type of thing that he says to me. But that time I could not take it anymore. I told him to shut it and I told him how he thinks he knows everything and a few other things that were true about his demeanor. I used family-appropriate words by the way, but I was yelling. He was very shocked I said something and with such ground. I think he liked it. The dream transitioned and I turned around and a guy walked up behind me very closely. I recognized him as a guy from high school. I walked forward some and then he squeezed my gluteus maximus. I turned around and the guy who did that was my husband's old roommate (in real life I greeted him whenever I saw him, but I don't particularly care for him that much because he dates more than one girl at one time. I have also seen him give me a lustful eye before which was uncomfortable). I was angry when I saw that it was him. I woke up again in disgust because I didn't mind at first until I turned around and saw that it was him.

In a dream I had today, I was with a wrestler he had on the wrestler outfit and I had on a pair of shorts and a shirt. I didn't recognize him but he seemed friendly. I think we just finished play-wrestling because I remember holding on to his wide back and thinking he had a huge back. Next we were sitting down on the floor. I think he was stretching or something, but I was just sitting down Indian-style. I don't remember how it got to this point, but he touched the middle of my inner thigh I think because of the way he was stretching. I didn't realize it at first, but when I looked down and saw, he moved his hand away really fast. Again, I did not mind at all but when I woke up I thought 1) why am I play-wrestling with another man and 2) why did I not feel offended when he touched my thigh?

Are there any thoughts to these dreams? Am I fighting some type of sexual spirit? Dream 3 was most friendliest and dream 2 was least friendliest.

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