two dreams of assaults that might be connected

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two dreams of assaults that might be connected

Post by dd on Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:18 pm

I'd appreciate someone's two cents on this. I kinda have a clue, but I'm not sure. Many things are happening right now that feel and look the same. blessings!

Dream 1:
I had to get something from a mall and I came about 10 minutes before it was closed. I needed to look for a store and it was closed by then already. As I entered the mall I realized I was barefoot. After I was done I had to exit the mall from the same entrance I entered. And I knew the entire time that my flip flops will be found. And, indeed - they were there, behind an empty counter. It was weird because it was it was raining and what I had on were clothes for rain and with long sleeves.
There was an episode also, where I had to pass an apple garden and a meadow and there were two older ladies walking dogs on a leash. They started to assault and chastise me without reason and started to turn their dogs on me. One tried to bite me, he actually did, but I did not really feel it because suddenly the coat I was wearing had become very tick, like a mattress. At some point they just disappeared.
There was a brief episode of me riding my own Harley. I slipped off on the fuel tank (or whatever it is on front, I don't know anything about motorcycles), but managed to get back on it.

Dream 2:
I was with my soon to be ex-husband meeting up with gangsters. For some reason he has put me in that position. Now I had all my money and my laptop. I don't know why we were there. At some point a train car stopped by and it was full of revelers. The gangster took all my cash and asked me what I thought was my laptop worth. Then he turned to one reveler and asked the same. The guy in train answered 1$. So then eventually he gave away my laptop for 4$. I freaked out because I run my biz from a laptop. Then, later, I received two printed out pages on my printer and it meant that guy who had my laptop had printed out some of my stuff and I remotely got it. I, however, was peaceful that I will get it back.
In next episode I had to be with my parents and they had a swimming pool in dream. There was an ordeal that gangsters sent all kind of deadly pests upon the pool area and I had to deal with it. At some point I was in the pool to put out a trap that would get a crocodile appearing. And it did, along with other, less dangerous creatures. I was out of the pool and the crocodile wanted to eat me. However, he could not climb out if the pool.

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