Party Organizer/Home Depot

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Party Organizer/Home Depot

Post by lola21st on Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:30 am

I had two different but related dreams that are interesting and appear to be a continuation of the Lord speaking to me of changes/rebuilding in my life...

In the first dream, I'm in charge of organizing a party for the CEO of our company (unfortunately, I can't remember the occasion). I seem to be taking an informal approach to organizing it - I have verbal agreements from vendors, caterers, invitees and anyone else who would be involved but when my boss is following up with me, I can't provide her with specifics as to costs, # RSVPs, etc. and I don't have a project plan which annoys her because she's very detailed oriented and now thinks I don't have it together which I really do.

The dream then segue ways into another scene...I'm now in New York City (I seem to keep going to New York lately) at an upscale hotel called the Waterlu (pronounced like Waterloo). I got the sense that this is where the party is being held. The hotel is very luxurious - the halls are paneled in a rich beautiful cherry wood, plush green carpeting suite is very luxurious as well...same paneled walls, marble floors, high ceilings, floor to ceiling built in bookcases and the furniture is upscale contemporary made out of cherry wood as well. It's two floors with the bedroom on the second floor...large king sized bed with crisp white linens, thick comforters, etc.

My mother is with me on this trip. I don't remember her having a strong presence in the dream but she was getting my things ready for the party. I'm relaxing in my bed. My father (who has been dead for 21 years) comes up to the second floor to see me and is tired from having to go up the stairs. He comes to the bed and lays down too to relax and tells me that the account at Home Depot no longer has a balance because he has paid the debt in full so I can get whatever else that I need for the party... praiseGod



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Re: Party Organizer/Home Depot

Post by daphanie02 on Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:52 pm

I dont have the full interpretation, however it sounds like your Heavenly Father is working on your behalf and you will have what you need!

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