Moving into new home

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Moving into new home

Post by Jazzy on Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:21 am

I was with my mother and husband, although I didn't see him physically I knew he was around in the home checking things out. The home was empty because we had not moved in yet; we were checking out things before doing so. I distinctly remember going into one room on the 2nd floor in particular twice. The first time, I peeked out of the blinds and I saw two families in two different homes talking on the porch. One of the homes was way across the street, but directly in front of us. The other home was afar to the left as I peeked out of the window. There were other homes in the neighborhood of course, but only these two homes had people outside on their front deck. From the look of the other homes surrounding mine, it appeared we moved into a townhouse or an actual house that was large. While peeking outside the window I could tell both families were looking towards our direction of the house, but I don't think they were necessarily talking about us. I moved away from the window fast so they couldn't see me. Next, I looked down at the carpet and saw the airvent was installed on the floor. I saw some type of insect on the carpet crawling towards the vent.

In the next scene I come back into the room with my mother. It was decided this was my room, which is how I knew I would be part of this house. I felt happy but thought the room was sort of tiny (I wasn't sure if I was moving with my mom, if my husband was moving in too, or if the house was for only my husband and I. Unsure why I was deciding rooms with my mother too). While talking and checking out the room together, I saw a small black creepy-crawler on the carpet crawling near the vent. I brought it to her attention and she simply said we need to call pest control as she moved on casually to another topic of discussion as if that was no big deal. Are there any thoughts, especially with how I reacted to the neighbors and the two bugs, oh and my mother?
My mother used to do real estate which could be why she was talking to me about the room. Lately, I've been talking to my mother more about a few decisions I should make. Maybe that's why I didn't physically see my husband in the dream although he was elsewhere in the house. The other night I had dreams about a hotel, a more temporary stay. Last night I had this dream about the home, a more permanent stay. I'm just trying to connect things as they seem fit. Are there any other thoughts?

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