Hyper friend and dancing

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Hyper friend and dancing

Post by Jazzy on Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:36 am

I was at the mall with some friends. Apparently it was one of my friend's birthdays from class. She was so ecstatic and hyper, dragging me around the mall with her. I'm being a supportive friend by being dragged along and listening to whatever she had to say. Then we reach one end of the mall where it's the nightlife section. There were multiple restaurants.... and then a dance floor. Wow, she really ran and pulled me along to the dancefloor. She kept saying she hopes they play a nice song. The next songs that came on were Cupid's shuffle and the Wobble (dance songs similar to electric slide). She dragged me to the middle of the dancefloor with her. I was laughing so hard because I found it so hilarious she was so excited, so I danced to make her happy. The dream transitioned and she now was one of my good friends from my hometown. While dancing I spotted her boyfriend and my other good friend from home on the side of the dancefloor not dancing. They were waiting for us. We danced until both songs went off. We approached them, and her boyfriend was mad at her because he didn't see us on the dancefloor because there were so many other people. I told him that I saw him and I saw that he and my other friend were fine. I also said that he could have called us if he was that worried. Somehow we got to the topic of him asking for my phone number for the next time we run off. He thought he had it in his phone, but I knew he didn't. After he realized he didn't, he asked me my information, but I told him I don't mind putting it in myself. He said oh okay. After inputting my information, I don't remember much after that other than us walking back towards the mall part because it was brighter there than the dance area.

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