dreamed my bff died but it wasnt her..

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dreamed my bff died but it wasnt her..

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:34 am

IHello, I had this dream the I was trying to find my best friend. Couldnt find her and something was telling me that she died I could shake the feeling tht somethng was wrong. Went to work everything was blocked off & no one would let me in. I knocked my manager out of the way & went in. I found her under a white sheet & I broke down. But it wasnt her. This woman had blonde hair & blue eyes. She was white & pale. But when I loooked into her eyes I could see my friend..as I was leaving someone yells out shes not dead & the manager was doing cpr. My friend was waking up & reaching out for me. It turned out tht she had slipped into a coma while wrking. How her body ended up disappearing idk. Kept having this dream all night.
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