Erupting Volcano in a Church

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Erupting Volcano in a Church

Post by xshedrickowens on Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:10 pm

I had a strange dream. In the dream my aunt and mother and me were in church. I was talking to my aunt about how I needed another bible because mine was falling apart. This young child preached a sermon about when we feel unsure about things in life we should go to the Word not man. Then he finished. My mom had given thami a gift. I'm not sure what it was but he wanted to pray in front of the church so that he would know how to use it. He was wearing this black glove thing that covered his hand and head so he could not see who he were praying with/for. And it turned out he n i were praying for each other. I then turned with my face towards the floor. Thami(my ex boyfriend) is moulded to me like we are one. I don't feel him so I reach with my hand and I can feel his leg.  We prayed for a long time till it was like we were in love but thru the Father. We are floating and spinning in the air (it feels like the holy spirit) we are coming back to the ground and Then the church begins to fall apart and a volcano erupted under the church. The lava is yellow. We run to the rear exit to get out. I left my family(I didn't feel or see them) and ran holding his hand. We got out but were walking in yellow lava and there was a gate closing so we got stuck. It was a little open but we couldn't make it. Then I began to pray. I was begging God. But it wasn't happening. Then I started quoting the bible praising Him by calling Him yahweh, el shaddai, etc. The whole time holding his hand. Then after sometime we just popped out and it was like we never were in that situation. And I'm staring at his face for the first time in the dream and we are on a typical busy street just walking. Then I woke up. The color of the streets and everything are gray scale.

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