a strange bug in my hair

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a strange bug in my hair

Post by dd on Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:34 pm

Third terrifying dream this night I had was about bugs.

So I was near my place in New York and had to sleep in a hotel that doesn't exist IRL a few blocks away form my place. It was because of an event or something.
The only guests of this hotel were immigrant families with children. There was a street market/ event on that street where the hotel was and I wanted to have an after-party so it was disturbing only some immigrant workers sitting around. And it was quite because they were all sleeping and it was only shortly after midnight. IRL there are many bars, restaurants and clubs on that street. I wanted to get to my room to get stuff, but the elevators were not working and they have turned out all lights on the hotel floor. An Indian dude appeared and told me "it's all closed". We went to the lobby where a few Indian and Hispanic workers were hanging out.
There I met a person who was a friend in dream, but whom I don't know IRL. We went to another common space room and I spotted a huge beetle which could change it's shape and it had huge eyes. It looked like a part of the wall and was attached to a sink and looked like a part of pipes... And my friend started to disturb it as we were in the room because she didn't believe it was a bug. I was afraid of the bug, but the friend just disturbed it and on the other hand I was happy she did because I wanted the bug gone or killed. Finally the bug got scared and started to run away after changing it's appearance to a big, fat beetle. It had a lot of threads attached to it and it looked like the threads were being pulled by another person who was invisible at the beginning but at the end I saw a shadow of a man. The more this thing tried to escape the more it was scared, the more strings it had attached and the smaller it got and it ended looking like a regular beetle. It got stock into my hair and I tried to shake it off. I woke up from this whole thing. The feeling at the end was distress and fear, but it was accompanied with being sure that the bug is scared of me and that it didn't do anything to me and that it can be shaken off...

any impressions?

God bless!


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Re: a strange bug in my hair

Post by dbrh14 on Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:17 pm

Hi DD...oftentimes, the words a person uses to relate their dreams is almost as telling as the dream itself. What jumped out at me in this dream is that on this beetle/bug, "there are STRINGS attached". Sometimes the very terms used to describe the dream will give an answer.

Is there something "bugging" you, perhaps an opportunity that you think has restrictive or manipulative conditions attached to it, perhaps by someone behind the scenes, almost like being controlled against your will? Thoughts are often symbolized by hair, too. Sorry I don't know more about your present situation, but that is what I believe I am seeing here. Beetles generally signify negative events in one's life, but as with all symbols, you have to determine what they mean to you as well as the general meaning of the symbol. Does anyone else bear witness to this?
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