Seriously?!!! KEN BERRY? For real?

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Seriously?!!! KEN BERRY? For real?

Post by dbrh14 on Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:48 am

Night before last, I dreamed that I was somewhere in Colorado, (I remember seeing mountains, valleys, etc.) and I was "with" Ken Berry (I felt like we were engaged to be married?) This is not to be confused with the characters that he has played, but the man himself. At some point I thought I had understood he owned a ranch of 122 acres, but later on, he corrected me and said "no, it's 122 THOUSAND acres." I was floored that he owned that much land, and realized that he was much "richer" than I originally thought. When I woke up, the only "zing" that came to mind was that he was on Mayberry RFD playing a widower raising a young son, and somehow that seemed to "fit" in somewhere, even though I did not dream of his character's name on that show (I had to google it to remember).

I believe I have the intepretation now, and also the reason for this "oddball" out of nowhere dream, but I would love for others to have a shot at it.

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